Who awakens me from my slumber?
I ask as I throw the sheets asunder
'Tis I she speaks, oh soft of voice
My heart dost race, I begin to wonder

That voice, that voice I know it well
It came to me in dreams I tell
you see its her from in my dreams
I know not how or why it seems.

She stands before me a sight to behold
and in my arms the furture unfolds
how, what, why, what have I here?
too many thoughts, just hold me dear.

I cringe, I laugh I stagger so
I wonder how, I do not know
but here she stands agleam in eye
stop asking questions, she's here that's why.

If time were right we'd know by far
to fly or walk or drive by car
to see to hold its what must be done
our dreams are merely wrapped as one.

Thoughts go flying faster than light
like just doused candles in rushes night
I stand, I stutter, I've tripped I fear
but all is right, when she is near.

So who am I to question dreams
a simple man with heart, it seams
who wishes more than fleeting looks
who reads much more than simple books

Who reads the heavens and hopes there too
that one day soon I'll awake to you
But awake I am and here you stand
come to me and take my hand

We'll dance and laugh and carry on
till night pulls us back with a yawn
to bed we stumble to bed we fall
for living is the best dream of all

Living and breathing and hoping for you
hoping the best, in all that you do
Happy and cheerful is what I shall be
She has a name, that name is Debbie
          Steve Thomas, © 1998 - 2008